The Doctors
Of Joy

The Clown"s Manifest

“The clown is the one who is most aware of the limitations to freedom

The clown does not judge, he interacts within the difference
The clown looks at everything as if for the first time
In the words of a great poet, he explores spaces, delves into the minutiae
The clown can be bold, especially because he may later get slapped
The clown embodies courage and work, work, work
The clown must have an athlete’s precision and a child’s imagination
For the child, everything is new. For the clown, things have to be new over and over again
Through his humor the clown delicately builds a relationship of trust
The clown turns things upside down, but has no enemies.”

The clown entered the hospital because the door was open. He modeled himself after the one who appeared to know the most – the doctor – to avoid being barred by some security officer. He worked on learning Looneyology so he would know how to deal with smelly feet, loose screws, and muddled brains. And of course, he became a member of the Regional Council on Looneyology!

Doctors of Joy was created in September 1991 as a pioneer non-profit social organization that, through the clown’s art, brings joy on a professional and ongoing basis to hospitalized children, their parents, and to health professionals. Throughout each year since its creation, looneyologic interventions have been carried out in fifteen public hospitals located in São Paulo, Recife, and Belo Horizonte. And since ours is a hospital audience, we started a movement in Rio de Janeiro by inviting local artists to perform different artistic creations at eight state hospitals.

In recent years we have expanded our institutional mission, disseminating this “Culture of Joy” based on what we have learned from encounters between clowns and children in hospitals. This accumulated knowledge has migrated to theaters and cultural centers, schools, businesses, and the media.

Initiatives have emerged at our School to spread this culture of joy. The Clowns Network brings together similar groups and the Clown Educational Program for Youth gives adolescents from different communities access to art through the clown’s language.

If you think we’re simply a clown organization, we’d like to invite you to check out one of our units in person. And in case you haven’t seen any Looneyologist yet today, report it! The way the world is spinning nowadays, sometimes forward, sometimes backwards, can make one somewhat dizzy … When you reach that point, only a clown can fix it!


Mission and Vision

The mission of Doctors of Joy is to promote the experience of joy as a potentiator of healthy relationships through the professional involvement of clowns with hospitalized children, their parents, and health professionals, and to share with society the quality of this encounter through the production of knowledge, education, and artistic creation.

The Doctors’ vision is to become a reference cultural center for clown art and for the comic arts in general, by offering collections, publications, courses and artistic productions that encourage reflection and critical dialogue with different sectors of society.