Evaluating the impact of the hospital program has always been an important part of the Doctors of Joy work in the country.

The impact of this action has been evaluated since 1993. With the direct involvement of health professionals, children, and their parents, several indicators of the results of this artistic work within hospitals have been created. A better understanding of these indicators contributes toward our development and helps in planning our future actions.

In 2007, we conducted an important survey in partnership with the Instituto Fonte para o Desenvolvimento Social (The Source Institute for Social Development). The project included quantitative and qualitative assessments involving debates with the Doctors of Joy team, dialogues with health professionals in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, and a review of the research already conducted by researcher Morgana Masetti.

The findings were compiled in 2008 and enabled us to outline, consolidate and condense the indicators that guide the NGO’s evaluation of its work in hospitals. Publicizing these findings is a way to strengthen our dialogue with society about the results of the NGO’s efforts.

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