What would a hospital be like if the doctor missed the door and got into a closet?

The “visit” is always great fun, with the clown pretending to be the doctor and the child lending form to the show. The idea is not to distract the child from his or her reality but to turn this encounter into a moment of fun and complicity. The program follows a routine – twice a week, six hours a day – and working in partnership is essential, both between the pair of clowns and between them and the child. Relatives and health professionals also join in the game.
The program is free of charge for hospitals, all of which are public institutions except for the Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes, which is where our work began.


São Paulo

Conjunto Hospitalar do Mandaqui
Hospital Santa Marcelina
Instituto da Criança do Hospital das Clínicas da FMUSP
Instituto de Tratamento do Câncer Infantil – ITACI
Hospital Municipal do Campo Limpo
Hospital Geral do Grajaú
Hospital Universitário da USP


Rio de janeiro*

Hospital Adão Pereira Nunes
Hospital Alberto Torres
Hospital Azevedo Lima
Hospital Eduardo Rabello
Hospital Rocha Faria
Hospital Santa Maria
Hospital Tavares Macedo

* The only ongoing projects in Rio are the Hospital Audiences and Good Mixtures.



Hospital Barão de Lucena
Hospital Oswaldo Cruz
Hospital da Restauração
Instituto Materno Infantil Professor Fernando Figueira – Imip