Test Lab for the Stage

The hospital program provides the NGO with extensive experience – be it through the games shared with children, the conversations with nurses in the elevators, or the smiles exchanged with the patients’ relatives. All this training makes hospitals real test labs for Doctors of Joy.

From the Hospital to the Hospital

One of the means to reciprocate this relationship is to share this rich repertoire with other people within the hospital: an audience that watches us from afar, that sees us walk by in the hallways, the elevators or the reception, but who is generally not present in the children’s rooms and is therefore not acquainted with our interventions.

The Looneyologic Circle and the Little Muddled Brain troupe were born, matured, and work in hospital wards today. The Circle is held at a different hospital every other month and presents looneyologic scenes and discoveries. The troupe puts on a parade that marches through the member hospitals in Recife, playing instruments, Mardi Grass songs and even carrying banners.

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