How can the work of Doctors of Joy encourage health professionals to include an ethics of joy in their practice?

Good Mixtures emerged from the observations and studies of psychologist Morgana Masetti on the processes experienced by people undergoing treatments in hospital settings. The activities are divided into two modules. The first module involves a presentation of the clown’s resources and outlook. In the second module, which includes a photography workshop, the health professional practices looking at the hospital environment in his own way, based on the themes addressed in the first module as inspiration.

The Good Mixtures Lecture

The presentation speaks about the force of the encounter. Using information and artistic interactions, the talk presents the Doctors of Joy proposal for health by describing the path of a clown who finds the hospital – Thaís Ferrara – and that of a hospital psychologist who discovers a clown – Morgana Masetti. Their stories gracefully and subtly interweave important aspects that make up the work of a Doctor of Joy: the clown’s mask, playing the doctor, the concept of joy, the history of the birth of this movement in the world, the creation of the group, and the impact of this work on hospital life.

Good Mixtures: a convergence of professions

A workshop that brings together health professionals and clowns to exchange ideas about their work. The workshop aims to encourage the participant to exercise his ability to interact by dealing with topics such as looking, listening, establishing rapport, communicating. The meetings propose very simple activities borrowed from the clown’s work and from our childhood memories: old games that help us examine ourselves and others, enabling us to build a shared and creative space.