The Clowns

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The presence of a clown in a hospital has inspired several groups around the country. We receive frequent phone calls, letters, e-mails, and smoke signals with urgent requests from people who want to join us in our work at the hospitals.

These requests led to the creation of the Clowns Network in 2007. The project enabled us to reach several areas of the country without necessarily setting up a local unit. The purpose of this initiative is to establish a network of cooperation among individuals and groups who act as clowns in hospitals, and to keep the focus on the quality of what is provided for the hospitalized child or adult.

The network’s objective is not to transform these groups into Doctors of Joy. On the contrary, the topics discussed in the workshops are aimed at strengthening the individual identity of each group. The meetings address both artistic and institutional issues. How to win a child’s trust? Why do this as a clown? Does my make-up represent the real me? What hospitals can be served? How can we raise funds to keep up the work?

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